Monday, November 8, 2010

Quartz.Net GUI Tour

NOTE: I'm now blogging at and not updating this blog anymore. For information on the latest version of Quartz.Net, visit me there.

In this post I will do a quick walkthrough of the Quartz.Net GUI that we open sourced last week.


We do not have an installer right now, so your options are:
  1. 1. Download the source code and hit F5.
  2. 2. After having downloaded the source code and done a successful build, run the executable.
  3. 3. Download the binaries, extract them into a folder and run the executable.

Connecting to a Scheduler

Click on Scheduler –> Connect. You should get the following connection dialog:
Type in your server name, and change any of the default connection information if necessary. Once connected, your screen should look something like this:

Adding Custom Jobs to the Manager

Before we can add a custom job, we must first tell the application which dlls contain the jobs that we want to add. Adding dlls to the list of scanned dlls is done by editing the JobAssemblies.txt file. Just include the name of your dll in the file, by adding it to the bottom of the list.

Adding a Job to the Scheduler

To add or schedule a job on the scheduler that you are connected to, click on the Jobs –> Add menu. You should get a dialog box like this:
Now, select a job type from the dropdown and fill out all the boxes with the necessary information. You do not need to add job data unless your job requires it. If your job requires job data to be set, use the right hand side of the dialog to add as many key value pairs of data as needed.
Once you have set up your data, click on add and your job will be scheduled. The dialog will close and the Scheduler objects pane will show the job that you scheduled.

What About the Run, Pause, Delete and Edit Buttons?

Part 2 of the tour is now available, with a quick description on how to use these buttons.


Anonymous said...

Great article, how can I download the source code, is it still available?

J said...

The code is available on github: The master branch holds the code for the 2.0 version, while the 1.0 branch holds the code that is 1.0 compatible.

Nahid said...

Many thanks for all your greate articles.
Could you please let me know where can I find the source code for your project?
I have another question, I would be so thankful if you could help me to find the answer. Do you know how can I use Quartz to put my jobs in Queue? we have a web app, we want be able to let the user put expensive request in the Queue so we can run it in the background and email them the result later.

J said...

Here's the link to the project on github: I'll update the link in the post as well.

Anonymous said...

{"The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)":null}
While clicking Add Jobs It could not find the assemblies
Please help me with this